I went to 1U to buy some food and household item using jusco vouchers I’ve been kepping since last year. While I was in 1U, I wentent in the Maybank credit card service center to redeem my credit card points to 1U cash vouchers.

I read from Maybank’s online catelogue that it takes 22,000 points to redeem RM100 jusco cash vouchers. To my surprise, I only need 16700 point to redeem the same RM100 jusco voucer in 1U. Summore I get the voucher on the spot, no need to wait.Offer valid while stocks losts… So I manage to save 5300 points for future redemtion use. No bad 🙂

From my own survey, Maybank Petronas credit card is my current favourite card. The reason :

  1. Free for life, no obligations
  2. 5x points when pump petrol at Petronas. I pump at least rm300 per month, this translates to 1500 point monthly. Plus some other expenditure points, enough to claim RM100 Jusco voucher every year. Quite worth it leh
  3. 10k credit limit, good enuf lar altho lesser than my citibank. Might ask Maybank to raise limit to 20k next year if Citibank issue me platanium card.
  4. Lots of flexi payment options, got good and bad side, see how is my control lor.
  5. Can use the card to pay TNB, Telekom bills in M2U, earn more points. haha
  6. Same bank as my salary bank. No need to pay RM2 giro every month.

Maybank are well know for their low quality services but this credit card really gives a lot of value added benifits.

Here is a pic of the RM100 Jusco voucher I got just now.